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Geneva, Switzerland


Creative Producer


Lauren Gerrie
Flannery Klette-Kolton
Ana Ortiz



Lara Mai Vo Van and Pascal Clemann are the two women at the helm of Antichambre. A concept redefining empty spaces and what a dining experience can be in Geneva, Switzerland.

Each year they create a month long pop-up restaurant in an unused space transforming it into an experience beyond dinner. For their third edition they partnered with me to help lead a kitchen team, promote their brand, and create a viable and sustainable restaurant.

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Where strangers become friends.



From kitchen design to developing a menu, and assembling a team I helped in the execution of a once in a lifetime experience for the Geneva market. I asked Lauren Gerrie to come on as Co-Chef. She brought with her years of experience and depth of knowledge from a kitchen standpoint. Together we created a cohesive menu, using local seasonal ingredients in new and inspiring ways not seen in Switzerland.

With the kitchen team in place, this allowed me to focus my efforts on documenting our shared experience through photography and storytelling in a way that resonated with the values and ideals of Antichambre. By sharing the stories on social media we spread the Antichambre brand beyond Switzerland’s borders.

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The third edition of Antichambre became Lara Mai and Pascal’s most commercially successful. While the brand was already on track to establishing itself as an authoritative figure, the creative collaboration helped to cement their role in the French Swiss culinary scene. The buzz from the partnership carried through the summer. That year Lara Mai and Pascal went on to open a number of successful street food pop-up markets in a handful of cities throughout the country.


An unforgettable experience. One that can never be repeated or replicated.

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