Oaxaca, Mexico

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Oaxaca is a intimate city that’s slow to reveal itself. The streets are lined with brightly colored buildings and beautifully carved doors that open onto grand entrances and garden courtyards. It’s best to visit with someone who knows which doors to knock on and is familiar with the local terroir. I was fortunate to spend my first four nights in the city with Thread Caravan. Together we visited people and places that would have taken some time to discover on my own.  

From Oaxaca City I moved across the sierras and worked my way along the coast between Pochutla and chacahua. A twenty hour bus ride out of Puerto Escondido got me back to Mexico City where I Stayed the night with old friends chaya B&B. I Spent the the final morning in mexico sightseeing with comuna travel before ending the trip with al pastor tacos from my favorite little spot Taquiera Pocho


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