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I'm originally from Southern California. Car culture is strong here. I live here without one. It's not uncommon for someone to say, "How can you live in Los Angeles without owning a car?" There was a time when I would have said the same thing. But after traveling throughout central America on "Chicken Buses," living in San Francisco collecting parking tickets while I rode a bike everywhere, and then taking advantage of the amazing public transit and taxi system of Buenos Aires, I knew when I moved back it could be done with a little ingenuity (and Uber).

The plan was simple: walk out my front door with nothing more than my passport and a weekender, ride the Amtrak from Downtown los angeles to San Diego, and walk across the US/Mexican border (where it's not uncommon for motor vehicles to wait in line for up to five hours to cross). I brought my beloved bianchi along for the ride. I Stayed in the heart of in the heart of Tijuana, at One Bunk on Avienda Revolucion. for three days I explored the sprawling border town without ever getting in a car.